Patti James for Judge: Smart on Crime

25 09 2012

The run-off is right around the corner for Pulaski County Juvenile Judge.  The two options are Patti James and John Hout.  Patti James is a family law attorney, while John Hout is a Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney.

The choice for judge comes down to one question:  Do you want to be tough on crime or smart on crime?  John Hout’s website, speeches, and facebook page all tout his “tough on crime” policy.  Hout essentially promises to place two prosecutors in juvenile court to ensure that juvenile offenders spend as much time as possible behind bars.  Unfortunately, that approach fails.

“Tough on crime” policies have been advocated to win elections and appointments for decades.  For decades they have failed.  The achievements of “tough on crime” policies are increased minority resentment to government, increased racial profiling, increased imprisonment rates, and increased budgetary needs of law enforcement.  These policies fail to achieve a reduction in offenses or rehabilitation of offenders, which should be the goal of a juvenile court judge.  Thus, I support Patti James for Pulaski County Juvenile Judge, because smart on crime is the better policy.

Please click here for more information on how “tough on crime” policies fail.




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