Arkansas Bar Convention

13 06 2012

The past few weeks have been hectic.  I’ve been to the Arkansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers conference in Tunica and to the Arkansas Bar Convention in Hot Springs.  The Bar Convention is always a good time because I don’t go for the CLE and spend the majority of my time conversing with attorneys and judges I would otherwise not spend much time with.  This year I was fortunate to spend some of my time speaking with members of this State’s Supreme Court.

I hear a lot of people criticize this state’s judiciary because our judges are elected and the belief that it significantly colors their judgment.  I have certainly seen that in action at District and sometimes Circuit courts across Arkansas, but stand even more convinced that our highest court is well-deserving of their position.  The justice’s on the Arkansas Supreme Court make honest decisions even if I disagree with their reasoning and that might be the highest praise possible.  They all are willing to vigorously dissent from a colleague’s opinion, yet the justices all have nothing but admiration for one another.  Lastly, I sincerely believe they all care a great deal about making the right decisions.  For those reasons, I can’t be more proud to be in this State.  I say these things in spite of my monthly rants about the incorrect interpretation of the law and the dissipation of civil rights due to their decisions.  




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