Election Day

22 05 2012

Today is election day!  I have spent the last several months campaigning for Patti James.  I have stood on numerous street corners holding a sign in blazing hot weather while wearing a suit.  The one thing that jumped out at me from the start was how friendly people are.  Most people wave as they drive past and some even honk.  I did not meet anyone that was the slightest bit rude even when I came to their house as a part of the neighborhood walks.  However, there are a few people that found it amusing to yell obscenities at me or flip me off.  It is natural to want to say something mean spirited back or wish bad luck upon them.  No matter who wins any of the elections it is certain that the people that win will have encountered much the same.  Therefore, it is perhaps most important to the few rude individuals out there that the judges elected today are fair to all.  It makes me think about how difficult it probably is to be a judge over someone that has done you wrong. 

Taking it a little bit further, in my appeals I am often arguing for a position and hoping the judges will rule according to the law.  However, I can imagine it’s difficult to treat my client fairly when he or she is unquestionably a murderer, rapist, or some other reprehensible felon.  In the end the campaign has helped me see the difficulty in their job, but I will continue to fight the good fight for justice.  For today, I wish good luck to all of the candidates.  

PS Vote for Patti James and Judge Jo Hart!




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