Patti James and Judge Jo Hart Have My Vote!

15 03 2012

Patti James is running for Juvenile Judge in Pulaski and Perry County.  She is a long-time family law attorney in Pulaski County and a co-founder of the James Law Firm.  Patti’s entire career has been dedicated to families and children in need of direction, resolution, and advice.  She is married to Bill James and together they have three children.  Her supporters vary from criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors to African-American pastors and stay at home mothers.  To learn more visit

I also wholeheartedly endorse Court of Appeals Judge Jo Hart for the Arkansas Supreme Court.  She has served the citizens of Arkansas equally regardless of race, religion, economic status or otherwise.  She has been fair in her decisions and she possesses an abundance of legal knowledge.  Her small town roots and military service have certainly given her a unique perspective compared to the majority of the appellate judges across the nation.  In addition, she gathered over 15,000 signatures to avoid paying the filing fee and more importantly to meet more Arkansans and hear their stories.  That shows an incredible determination as opposed to a candidate that simply writes checks for votes and avoids hard work.  Her life has been dedicated to the people of this Country and the State of Arkansas.  My vote is certainly to have her continue that in the role of Justice on the Arkansas Supreme Court.




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