COA: 2012 Begins With State Wins

4 01 2012

The first decisions of the new year were uneventful.  There were truly only two opinions that required much of an opinion from the Court.  Also, today marks the beginning of the Arkansas Criminal Appeals blog page “Statistics” that will keep track of the number of reversals and affirmations from the Arkansas appellate courts.

Wofford v. State – affirmed because sufficiency of the evidence challenge was not properly preserved by his trial attorney.

Daniels v. State – easy affirmation of the sufficiency of the evidence.  Appellant contested his 50 year conviction and sentence for possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver.  Appellant claims that even though he fled from the police, threw the methamphetamine from the car, previously sold methamphetamine, and his wife testified that he was the one selling the methamphetamine that was in the car, the evidence was insufficient.  Clearly there was plenty of evidence to support the conviction.  Appellant also complained that he was not given a continuance to hire a private attorney.  Appellant failed to even name a private attorney he desired to retain.




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